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Organic and Vegan Bathing Pleasure

Organic and Vegan Bathing Pleasure

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Chemical-free bathing pleasure for your whole family

Care and Repair Shampoo, Tamanu Series, 400 ml
Aromatherapeutic Shower Gel, Tamanu Series, 400 ml
Purifying Body Peeling, Tamanu Series, 300 gr
Repairing Body Lotion, Tamanu Series, 250 ml

For those who prefer a chemical-free, comprehensive cleansing and perfect care in their bath routine. They are all Cosmos Organic and vegan certified, 100% natural and carefully formulated with effective botanical ingredients.

For a safe, effective and healthy bathing pleasure for all family members over 6 months, RHANEVA Tamanu Series Care and Repair Shampoo suitable for all hair types; gently cleans, nourishes and soothes your skin Your bath routine, which starts with Aromatherapy Shower Gel and Purifying Body Peeling , which gently cleanses the skin from dead skin, nourishes, heals and smoothes, has a perfect mixture of repairing and moisturizing. Repairing Body Lotion It will be completed with.

RHANEVA Care and Repair Shampoo , with its highly effective certified organic mixture of tamanu, patchouli, rosemary, shea, argan and aloe vera, helps to restore sebum balance, repair and strengthen the scalp and hair strands in regular use. With regular use, you will witness that your hair sheds less, shines more and your scalp is repaired!

RHANEVA Aromatherapy Shower Gel gently cleans, moisturizes and relaxes your skin. Organic certified essential oils mix with the steam created during the shower, creating a rich aromatherapy effect. Vitamin C-rich organic essential oils such as sweet orange, bergamot and lemon in its content contribute to the elimination of acne problems. Tamanu and aloe vera gel components help maintain pH balance and effectively cleanse and moisturize the skin without drying it. In aromatherapy, it relaxes your soul with natural citrus aromas that soothe stress and tension and increase the feeling of happiness.

RHANEVA Purifying Body Scrub effectively cleanses the skin from dead skin, ingrown hairs and rough appearance. With its valuable content, it protects from free radicals and irritation, nourishes and provides smoothness. With its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it balances sebum in the skin, tightens pores and increases circulation. Chemical ingredients, aggressive foamers and preservatives, nano particles, synthetic perfumes, etc. that are harmful to your skin and nature. does not contain. With its organic and vegan certified ingredients and production process, it takes care of nature, soil and water as well as your skin.

RHANEVA Repair Body Lotion , which provides a silky touch by quickly eliminating the feeling of dryness and irritation with its formula that is quickly absorbed by the skin, has a perfect mixture: Tamanu oil, which gives excellent results in the repair and restructuring of cells; lavender and geranium oils that balance sebum, tighten pores, moisturize the skin and increase circulation; It meets with organic aloe vera extract for a firm, bright and moist skin... You will be surprised by the contribution of tamanu oil to the rapid repair of irritations, wounds and scars on your skin with its high cell renewal capacity.

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