Things You Wonder About RHANEVA


Why certified organic?

Certified organic cosmetic product does not contain substances that create chemicals and environmental pollution (pesticides, artificial fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms, etc.); They are personal care products obtained from certified organic agricultural products and compatible with the organic structure of humans. In traditional cosmetics, artificial molecules prepared from petroleum oil are generally used for reasons such as reducing costs and extending the shelf life of products by using chemical preservatives. However, these artificial molecules are not beneficial and their negative effects on human health have become controversial. The same applies to the environmental consequences of wastewater and garbage generated during production.

How do I know if a cosmetic product is organic?

Some product labels may say “organic”; However, if there is no certification logo, this indicates that the product does not meet organic standards. The certificates given to the products by companies such as ETKO COSMOS ORGANIC, USDA ORGANIC, ECOCERT, COSMEBIO, IMO, ICEA, whose organic product standards are accepted in the world, are included as information on the products. Certified products have the certification body's logo and/or certification number on them. If there is no certification, it is completely unclear to say that the product is organic.

What is the content of certified organic products?

Nature offers us a very broad table of contents. This natural diversity allows for product development with a combination of abundant effective products that care for the environment and your body balance. All raw materials that can be used as ingredients are also approved by the certification body. Raw materials that may harm human health have been identified and their use is prohibited.

What are the benefits of consuming certified organic products?

Organic agriculture is a sustainable and necessary type of production that respects biodiversity and natural balances. By consuming organic certified products, you not only reduce your exposure to artificial/chemical ingredients, but also actively support agricultural practices, restoring the quality of water, soil, air and reducing petro-chemical production. You also trigger the organic process with other outputs of supported organic farming, e.g. Organic olives and olive oil, which are organic farming outputs made for olive leaf extract, are also obtained at the same time. You will ensure the re-establishment of many chains such as organic food and organic textiles. Organic processes remind us that we should use developing science and technology if they are compatible with the universe we live in.

Are all RHANEVA products certified organic and vegan?

All RHANEVA products are produced with certified organic ingredients at internationally recognized Etko Cosmos standards and vegan ingredients at IFC Global standards. No harsh chemicals or animal products are used in their production, and the products are not tested on animals.


What does Tamanu oil, the main active ingredient of RHANEVA Tamanu series products, do?

Although it is not yet widely known in our country, tamanu, one of the most important plants that has historically been at the center of natural medicine in Southeast Asia, has been revealed by scientific research in the 1950s to purify, protect and soothe the skin. It is known as a miracle that delays aging in skin care. Soothing against sunburns, inflammation, rashes; It is effective against burns and cracks by restructuring the upper skin layer cells; It is anti-bacterial and antiseptic. In addition to being a natural moisturizer, nourishing and restorative, it also has microcirculation enhancing properties. You can access information about all product ingredients on the Product Contents page.

Can RHANEVA Care and Repair Shampoo and Repair Conditioner be used for all types of hair?

RHANEVA hair care products are produced to be suitable for all types of hair. Products created with a careful combination of organic ingredients that nourish the hair and scalp help achieve a healthy sebum balance with regular use.

Why does RHANEVA Care and Repair Shampoo foam less?

Contrary to popular belief, more foam does not mean more cleaning. However, this common belief leads to the abundant use of Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), a cheap chemical, and its derivatives as foaming agents in many traditional personal care products, from shampoo to shower gel and even toothpaste. It is now a known fact that these types of chemical components are absorbed into the body through the skin and cause more serious health problems in the long term than allergic reactions.
Especially in the first few weeks when you start using RHANEVA products, which are produced without the use of Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS) and its derivatives, your hair may foam less than it is used to. This situation may continue during the cleaning of the residues created by old products on the hair and scalp. You do not need to increase the amount of product in this process, after a while you will observe an increase in the foaming rate even though you use the same amount.

How should I use RHANEVA Firming Anti-Cellulite Cream?

It is a known fact that anti-cellulite creams do not work miracles on their own. However, anti-cellulite creams created with good and effective ingredients provide visible benefits when used in conjunction with a healthy diet, plenty of water consumption and regular movement.

First of all, cleanse your skin regularly from dead skin. You can do this before using the cream, either with the brushes you will use during the shower or with dry skin brushes. This stage is important to ensure that topically applied creams are more absorbed by your skin. Apply RHANEVA Firming Anti-Cellulite Cream to your clean skin once or ideally twice a day (morning and evening) for 10 minutes with repeated circular movements to increase blood circulation and absorption of the cream. To achieve the best results, repeat the movements from the lower parts of the body upwards. Continue until the cream is completely absorbed by the skin and do not forget to do this every day.

How often should I use RHANEVA Purifying Body Scrub?

Developed to soften and revitalize your skin while gently cleansing it from dead skin, RHANEVA Purifying Body Peeling, with its Himalayan salt, fossil powder, tamanu, buriti, lavender and geranium essential oils, can be used once or twice a week, depending on the sensitivity and moisture level of your skin. You can apply it to your softened skin with warm water in a circular motion during the shower and rinse with plenty of water.

What can I use Aloe Vera Gel for?

You can use RHANEVA Aloe Vera Gel, which consists of 99% organic Aloe Vera extract (and is therefore different from many dye and preservative-added counterparts you can find on the market), to moisturize your entire skin, including your scalp and face. Although Aloe Vera is mostly used to regain the moisture lost by the skin after sunbathing, as it penetrates the skin much more easily than water and provides intense moisturization, the vitamins it contains such as A, C, E, B12 and folic acid; minerals such as calcium, potassium, selenium, magnesium, zinc; It is among the plants that literally work miracles because it contains 20 of the 22 amino acids that humans need (7 of the 8 essential amino acids). It nourishes and repairs the skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant agents; By stimulating collagen and collagen-like protein structures, it accelerates cell renewal and helps slow down the signs of aging on the skin. Therefore, it is a healing plant that has been used for centuries to treat burns, wounds, sprains, itching and irritation, as well as moisturizing the skin.

If you are particularly shy of moisturizing creams because you have oily and acne-prone skin, or if your skin is extremely dry but you cannot get effective results with your normal creams, or if you simply want more and more natural moisturization, RHANEVA Aloe Vera Gel is for you.

In addition to its contribution to nourishing the hair and scalp, maintaining sebum balance and reducing hair loss, you can also use it as a completely natural conditioner for your hair. You will not see any trace of hardening or oiliness while styling your hair as you wish.

What is the lifespan of the products?

Produced without the use of chemical preservatives, RHANEVA products have a shelf life of 12-24 months and a lifespan of 3-6 months after opening. You can access information about the shelf life of each product and its life after opening from the labels on the product. It is recommended to keep the products in a dry and cool environment, away from sunlight and with the lid closed.