Our Mission

Introducing RHANEVA: The Epitome of Natural, Sustainable Personal Care

We set out to be a brand that reinterprets the beauty of nature for your well-being. And we created RHANEVA in dedication to our mother, who inspired it. We turned our face to nature to offer simple, natural products that contain only benefits, and to create a more sustainable personal care culture. Changing our personal care habits by discovering its miraculous secrets; We have produced our products with organic and vegan certification at international standards in order to take better care of ourselves, our loved ones and the universe we live in. Discover the beauty of simplicity and experience harmony with nature with RHANEVA!


We want to establish an organic bond with consumers as well as with nature, and we aim to better understand your needs and expectations by putting ourselves in your shoes. We do not recommend any product that we would not use ourselves.

We value being a part of change. In order to minimize the traces we leave on nature and to protect the lives of living things and human health, we prepare our products with certified organic and vegan ingredients in accordance with IFC Global standards, under the supervision of Cosmos Organic, which sets international organic cosmetic standards; does not use practices or content that harms you or nature; We do not test on animals at any stage of production.

As a brand inspired by nature, we strive to bring simplicity and the beauty of simplicity back into your life while naturally nourishing your skin and senses with RHANEVA products.



Whichever of the RHANEVA products you choose, you can be sure that we have carefully combined herbal extracts and oils, the effectiveness of which has been proven by scientific studies, for each of them. Considering the usage patterns of the products, we design each product to maximize the aromatherapy effect of the organic plants it contains. We are trying to do our best so that you feel better.


We know that quality is as important as naturalness, simplicity and purity in order to offer products that contain only goodness. We produce RHANEVA products with the highest quality herbal organic ingredients, in facilities that produce only organic cosmetic products, have an environmentally friendly infrastructure and international good management certificates. Our products undergo all regular analyzes and inspections required by international certification processes.


We love the world and all living things in it. For this reason, we produce our products with certified organic and vegan ingredients in accordance with IFC Global standards and under the supervision of Cosmos Organic, which sets international organic cosmetic standards. We do not use any harsh chemicals or animal products in production and we do not test on animals. We choose our packaging from recyclable materials and aim to reduce plastic waste in cargo shipments. Instead of unnecessary diversification in product lines, we focus on effective products with good ingredients. We bring together the right active herbal ingredients in the right proportions for each product.


We make sure that what is good for you is also good for nature. Rest assured, organic certified cosmetic products are produced to the same standards as organic foods. No heavy chemicals, artificial fertilizers or pesticides are used in production. Thus, we make sure that our production cares for nature, soil and water as well as your skin.


If you're confused about which products are truly natural or organic, that's totally natural. Unfortunately, in many countries, including Turkey, there are no effective regulations or strict controls on the use of adjectives such as "natural" and "organic". In order to avoid this situation, which can leave consumers with a lot of misinformation, we offer you transparent and reliable information with RHANEVA product labels, which have gone through certification processes subject to analysis and inspections at international standards.


We want you to be sure that the RHANEVA products you purchase are suitable for you. Therefore, we differentiate ourselves from the cosmetics and personal care industry, which creates great confusion for the consumer who has to make a choice due to overly detailed product types and varieties. We explain in detail the contents, active ingredients, functions and recommended usage methods of RHANEVA products that we have developed in line with our brand values ​​on our website. If you still have questions, you can contact us at any time.