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Skin Care Routine Multi-Boost Kit Gift Box

Skin Care Routine Multi-Boost Kit Gift Box

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Multiple Moisturizing Routine for Aging Well

SPLASH Facial Cleansing Gel, 200 ml
SHIELD HYDRO BB Cream Spf15, 30 ml
INTENSE HYDRO Hyaluronic Acid Serum, 30 ml

The best skin care routine starts with the best products we choose for our skin, because our skin is our largest organ and deserves the best care!

We cannot reverse the laws of nature, but how about increasing the moisture capacity of your skin and reducing the traces of accumulated external stress factors in order to age well?

A good skin care routine starts with facial cleansing. We need a good moisturizer with sun protection to repair and protect the skin barrier and for a vibrant, plump and bright skin, and a gentle serum to minimize moisture loss, which is one of the biggest causes of skin aging.

RHANEVA Multi-Boost Kit is created for these three steps of your skin care routine with its reliable ingredients that are certified organic and vegan at international standards. The gift set is presented in a special drawer with a celebration card for your loved ones. 

SPLASH Facial Cleansing Gel

It contains natural and plant-based surfactants that offer gentle yet effective cleansing even for the most sensitive skin. Therefore, it provides effective and safe care for all skin types.

It is a candidate to be indispensable for your daily skin care with its powerful essential oils that stand out with their sebum balancing, cell renewing and skin tightening properties! Moreover, it removes make-up, sunscreen and daily dirt on its own, without the need for any other products.

While it nourishes and intensely moisturizes your skin thanks to its vitamin, mineral and amino acid-rich aloe vera base, it helps restructure your skin with organic lemon peel, sage and patchouli essential oils. You will notice from the first use that it helps your face achieve a renewed, bright and firm appearance.

Who Can Use It?

With its powerful content produced with 99.8% natural and 20.2% organic botanical ingredients, it purifies your skin from sunscreen, make-up and daily dirt. It provides gentle cleansing without drying for all skin types.


Strengthened with organic aloe vera gel, sunflower seed, castor seed and jojoba oils, salicornia herbecea extract and new generation smart moisturizers that stand out in deep moisturizing and skin barrier repair, SHIELD HYDRO BB Cream goes beyond equalizing your skin tone and providing a perfect appearance.

It improves the appearance of the skin in a short time with salicornia herbecea extract, which prevents the skin's urea and water loss in the first 24 hours and can increase the skin's moisture capacity up to 60 times with regular use. The red algae contribution to the formula provides more hydration that can go up to three times the moisture provided by hyaluronic acid. While it protects from the harmful effects of the sun with its broad-spectrum mineral filter, it provides a flawless look to your skin with its medium-light tone color and light structure for even distribution.

Who Can Use It?

This BB Cream, suitable for all skin types, is a candidate to be an indispensable part of your daily routine. It has no synthetic ingredients in its formula and has a light structure that does not clog pores. You can apply it to your cleansed skin in the morning, and if there is any excess, you can distribute it with a cotton ball or brush.

INTENSE HYDRO Hyaluronic Acid Serum

INTENSE HYDRO Hyaluronic Acid Serum combines the high moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and anti-blemish power of aloe vera with low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid. It nourishes the skin tissue deeply, supports the repair of the skin barrier and gives the skin a plump and bright appearance.

Hyaluronic acid gives structure to our skin and plays an important role in the skin renewal process. However, like almost everything, it decreases in our body as we age. This causes sagging and wrinkles on the skin. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which can penetrate under the epidermis due to its water retention capacity of up to 1000 times its weight, visibly improves the skin barrier and gives the skin a bright, plump appearance.

Who Can Use It?

Since the function of hyaluronic acid is to increase the moisture retention capacity of the skin, it is suitable for use in all skin types, whether dry, oily, mixed, sensitive or problematic. Thanks to its organic and vegan certification, pregnant or breastfeeding people can use it safely. It can be applied to cleansed and damp skin in the morning and evening. You can use a moisturizing cream to lock moisture into the skin after application.

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SPLASH Yüz Temizleme Jeli, INTENSE HYDRO Hyaluronik Asit Serum ve SHIELD HYDRO BB Krem Spf15 içeriklerinin detaylı açıklaması için ilgili sayfaları ziyaret edebilirsiniz.


Etkin bir cilt temizliği için sabah ve akşam ılık suyla ıslattığınız yüz ve boyun bölgenizi SPLASH Yüz Temizleme Jeli ile köpürterek en az bir dakika boyunca yıkayıp durulayın. Cildinizi yumuşak bir havluyla nazikçe kurulayabilir, vaktiniz varsa cildinizin kendi kendine kurumasını bekleyebilirsiniz. Havluyla kurulayacaksanız kullandığınız havlunun temiz olduğundan emin olun ve sert sürtme hareketlerinden kaçının.

INTENSE HYDRO Hyaluronik Asit Serumu temizlediğiniz cildinize, cildiniz henüz tam kurumamışken uygulayabilirsiniz. Böylece içeriğindeki hyaluronik asit cildinize nemi hapsedecek ve daha etkin bir nemlendirme sağlayacaktır.

SHIELD HYDRO BB Krem Spf15 hyaluronik asit ile nemlenmiş cildinize ekstra nem ve cilt besini sunar. İnce bir tabaka halinde yüzünüze uyguladıktan sonra fazla gelen miktar olursa temiz bir pamuk ya da makyaj pedi ile cildinize yedirebilirsiniz. Kuruduktan sonra üzerine istediğiniz makyajı uygulayabilirsiniz.

Akşam cildinizi SPLASH Yüz Yıkama Jeli ile temizledikten sonra cildiniz henüz nemliyken tekrar INTENSE HYDRO Hyaluronik Asit uygulamayı unutmayın.

Gün içinde ellerinizi cildinizle temas ettirmemeye, başınızı yasladığınız ya da uyuduğunuz yastıkların kılıflarının temiz olduğuna ekstra özen gösterin.


SPLASH Yüz Temizleme Jeli, INTENSE HYDRO Hyaluronik Asit Serum ve SHIELD HYDRO BB Krem Spf15 içerikleri için ilgili sayfaları ziyaret edebilirsiniz.

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